G. Andrew Ahrens and Ahrens Investment Partners

If you are a customer of Ahrens Investment Partners of Lafayette, Louisiana and are concerned about your account, you should call the investor advocates at Chapman, LLC. You will talk to an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who will evaluate your situation without charge.

On August 4, securities industry regulator Financial Industry Regulatory Authority notified G. Andrew Ahrens and his firm, Ahrens Investment Partners, that it is investigating charges that Ahrens had sent out “consolidated reports” to some of its clients that are “false, exaggerated, unwarranted or misleading.” These are very serious allegations, but note that they are allegations, only. FINRA’s investigation is ongoing. Mr. Ahrens and his firm deny they did anything wrong, and they are entitled to the presumption that they did not engage in misconduct. A few days after FINRA issued its notification, broker-dealer LPL terminated its 17 year affiliation with Ahrens. Thereafter, Ahrens briefly affiliated with another broker-dealer Mutual Securities Inc of Camarillo, California. The Mutual Securities firm terminated this affiliation within a few days.

The FINRA investigation process will last many months. However, Ahrens’ customers who are concerned about their accounts need not wait that long to find out whether or not there are inaccuracies on the ‘consolidated reports’ sent to them by Aherns. Ahrens clients holding real estate investment trust (or, “REIT”) interests—and particularly non-traded REITs— may have particular concerns about the accuracy of reporting. Concerned investors should contact the firm of Chapman, LLC today for a confidential discussion with an experienced investor rights attorney.

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