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Chapman LLC

Chapman LLC is a securities litigation law firm. The Chapman securities lawyers often assist victims of Ponzi schemes and other investment fraud cases recover their losses. Our practice is focused on cases involving:

Investment fraud

We are often privileged to help individuals and families who have been “scammed” out of savings it has taken them a lifetime to build. Many have suffered in silence for months. Some are reluctant to come forward to talk about “their mistake.” Others have held out hope that their investment would “come back” and their savings would somehow be restored to them. But most folks just don’t not know where to turn for help.

Broker Misconduct

We represent people victimized by broker misconduct in connection with fraud, misrepresentation, unsuitable investments, insider trading, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and regulatory violations.

Corporate Control Disputes/Proxy Litigation

We represent owners in corporate control disputes, including shareholder disputes, partner disputes, and disputes among owners of other corporate forms. For closely-held corporations, we represent minority owner groups, and the companies themselves during control disputes and shareholder-employee conflicts.

Bank liability

We represent investors who have been victimized by banks that assisted in, or participated to, the perpetration of fraudulent investment schemes.

Professional and Fiduciary Liability

We handle liability issues relating to bankers, accountants, auditors, notaries, directors, officers, brokers and portfolio managers. We also handle liability issues regarding professional misconduct.

Class Actions

We pursue class actions dealing with securities fraud and other financial and investment matters.


We represent investors in arbitration who seek to avoid delays and inconveniences related to judicial proceedings. Rather than waiting months for a trial, the parties may rapidly obtain a hearing and a result.


Sometimes the parties wish to resolve their dispute but find themselves unable to do so. In such cases, we guide them through mediation, with assistance from experienced mediators. The mediation process consists of meetings with the mediator for the purpose of settling the dispute through an assisted negotiation.

Chapman LLC attorneys are licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio. We often associate with local co-counsel to prosecute investment fraud cases on behalf of clients nationwide.

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