Monthly Archives: September 2014

FINRA Gets Well Deserved Praise for Nontraded REIT Rule

For several years, regulators have talked about toughening up rules on nontraded REITs. There are many ways to invest in large real estate projects. Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs – are especially popular because they let ordinary investors pool their money and invest in shopping centers, apartment buildings and office parks. Not all REITs […]

Another Nontraded REIT Horror Story

As regulators continue to drag their feet about concentration limits and better disclosures for certain REIT products, several more people have apparently been victimized by an overly aggressive stockbroker selling high risk private placements and nontraded REITs. According to an article in InvestmentNews, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) filed a complaint against a “broker […]

Another Big Nontraded REIT Plans Liquidity Event

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably know two things. Nontraded REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are non liquid meaning they can’t be readily sold. Buy one and you might be stuck with it for a decade or longer. The other take home has been the difficulty in figuring out what they are worth. […]