Monthly Archives: July 2014

More Bad REIT News – American Spectrum Loses 88% of Value

Although billions of dollars continue to pour into Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs – many are quite troubled. Recently we posted two stories about Strategic Realty Trust. That REIT lost 29% of its value seemingly overnight. If you thought that was bad, 450 investors in American Spectrum REIT 1 just learned that their shares […]

Strategic Partners “Necessity retail – Now is the time”!

According to InvestmentNews, “Necessity retail: Now is the time!” was uttered by none other than Tony Thompson, creator and former CEO of Strategic Realty Trust, a well known nontraded REIT. Thompson made these remarks to stockbrokers after telling them that they could still bring in investors at $10.00 per share even though he valued the […]

Important Info for Investors in TNP Strategic Realty Trust REIT

Shareholders of Strategic Realty Trust, once known as TNP Strategic Realty Trust, were notified by mail last week that their investments in the popular nontraded REIT had dropped by over 29%.  Although it is hard to find solid data about thinly traded REITs, it appears that much of the drop is attributable to fees. As […]

Don’t Believe Us? Listen to the Wall Street Journal!

Last week’s Weekend Investor section of the Wall Street Journal featured an article titled “The Most Dangerous Investments.” Number one on their list? Nontraded Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs! We understand that REITs are one of the hottest things on the market today. Investors dissatisfied with low interest rates and returns have been flocking […]

REIT Fraud Alert – Paul Larsen

The average stockbroker has no disclosure events on his or her record. That is pretty admirable.  A tiny percentage have 3 or more. And then there is Paul Larsen (Paul Cragg Larsen). According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – FINRA – Larsen racked up 15 events in just 4 years. For those new to […]